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Level Agency has a multilayerd approach to sales and brand building, focusing on all aspects from promotions and PR to retail strategies. Every brand has different goals, varying resources and a unique story to tell. With that in mind, Level Agency approaches each client with an individual touch.

We live the lifestyle we represent and work with our network of friends, partners and tastemakers to build brands.

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Sneakers grew from the dream of changing the status quo of lifestyle footwear embracing the value of creativity, in- novation and quality at an affordable currency. Rooted in skate culture and at the intersection of street and chic, combine the passion of perfect craftsmanship, attention to detail and advanced construction techniques.

Blending both function and fashion, we strive for the pursuit of excel- lence and are committed to use the nest materials and high end nishes.

We invite you to build your future..

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Rains - Level Agency Oslo

RAINS is a Danish rainwear company founded in 2012. Based on an early initiative to interpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way, the company has, since its foundation, grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand.

Along with the reinvented classics, RAINS today offers a full line of waterproof outerwear, bags and accessories to the fashion conscious consumer.

Inspired by both Scandinavian weather and design heritage, RAINS merge traditional methods with innovative techniques to create understated and considered rainwear made to last beyond the season.

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Public Relations Footwear - Level Agency

Public Relations (PR) is a unisex footwear and accessory brand born in Oslo 2016. Our ambition is to create artisan goods that have a supreme level of comfort, assembled with high quality elements.

Our products are produced with Scandinavian fabrics, Italian leathers and we always push the aesthetic, technological and functional properties - in order to finalize a product that is sophisticated, functional and fashion driven.

Putting our heart and soul into each product, we are using the ever changing seasons and the raw nature of Scandinavia as a backdrop for our inspiration.

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Jim Rickey Stockholm Logo - Level Agency.png

Jim Rickey is a Scandinavian unisex designer brand from Stockholm, that offers timeless high-quality footwear and premium lifestyle accessories.

Jim Rickey stands out in the market by providing timeless high-quality footwear and premium lifestyle accessories with reasonable pricing.

All their products are designed in our Stockholm studio to provide functionality in footwear and accessories with an exceptionally close attention to quality, sustainability and details.

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